How To Make A Bootable Windows XP Disc Using Nero

How To Make A Bootable Windows XP Disc Using Nero

When it comes to create a bootable windows xp disc, most of the people become fool. They simply copy the windows disc files to a new blank disc and then burn it using the normal disc burning process. This is not the right procedure to create a bootable windows xp disc. To make a bootable disc you have to use an another different procedure in Nero. You have to copy the whole disc with Nero Copy Disc function. Nero Burning ROM is the most popular and multifunctional disc burning tool which is used to burn every kind of optical disc such as multimedia disc, data disc, photo album, movie disc etc. The Copy Disc function creates an ISO image of the disc. You will not understand without reading the full procedure step by step.

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I am giving the full process step by step to make a bootable windows xp disc using Nero Burning ROM.

Step 1. Open Nero Burning ROM in your computer if you have already installed it else you can download Nero form and install it in your computer. Open Nero Burning tool.

Step 2. Insert the original windows xp disc in your CD-ROM and wait for loading it. Now go to Nero Burning ROM and find the option Copy Disc in it and click on this option.

Step 3. After hitting the option Copy Disc Nero will ask to choose the destination drive. There are two options available in the destination select box. First is image recorder and second is your CD-ROM name. Both have different functions. If you select image recorder as your destination drive, then an ISO image of the disc will be created in your My Document folder that can be opened with Nero or any ISO extractor software. This image can be used for creating another bootable windows xp disc in future when you want. Another hand if you choose your CD-ROM as the destination drive, Nero save the image in buffer while it copies the disc and this image is burned in your new blank disc only. When you want to create another bootable windows xp disc, you have to follow this procedure again. So I will suggest you to choose the Image Recorder as the destination drive for future use.

Step 4. After choosing the destination drive hit on Copy button. Nero will start copying the disc instantly and when copy disc is completed, it will ask to insert the new blank disc. So just insert a blank disc in your CD-ROM to which you want to make the bootable CD. Just after inserting the blank disc, Nero starts burning the disc automatically and within 5 minute your bootable windows xp disc will be in your hand. The time taken in disc burning depends on the speed of burning ROM, what speed you have selected. There is a list of burner speed in Nero Burning ROM. You should choose 16x or below to burn the best.

Step 5. After completing burning the disc, you will be prompted a new success dialogue box by Nero and your CD-ROM will eject your new bootable windows xp disc automatically. Remove the disc and use it to install windows xp in any computer system.

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