Family Tree Heritage Deluxe V7.0

Family Tree Heritage Deluxe 7.0 is the latest version of the venerable Heritage Family Tree. As such, it has all the features of the solid earlier version plus some welcome additions including a field for recording DNA information, a useful individual summary page, the ability to print family books, and links to on-line resources. Although FTH 7.0 may not be as glitzy as more expensive packages, it is full-featured, has many useful tools and is a great value. FTH 7.0's data can be imported/exported to most popular genealogy programs so there is no need to be concerned if one of the more pricey programs catches your eye in the future.

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I have only one quibble with FHT 7.0. Individual Sofware's package and the on-line brochure for the product indicate that one can create multi-media presentations and burn them to DVD to share with family or bring to reunions. While Passages Express is indeed bundled with the installation CD, it is the limited Standard Edition. In order to access advanced features, including DVD burning, one needs to upgrade to Passages Express Deluxeat an additional cost of $19.95 for the "Deluxe license." There is no indication anywhere on the box or in the included matter that you must pay more to burn DVDsa glaring oversight, especially since the claim that the program will burn DVDs appears in three different places on the box. This sort of marketing technique makes one wonder if there are any other features that are limited or not included. Individual Software should correct their packaging or include the upgrade at no charge.

While the over-stated claim about DVD burning is annoying, the Family Tree Heritage itself does everything a good genealogy program should do and does it well. FTH 7.0's flawlessly organizes scapbook items such as scanned documents; Word and text files; images; PDF files; and sound and video files within individual records.

Beginners should learn the basics of genealogy terminology and data gathering before diving in, but with program's editing features, mistakes and mis-steps are easily corrected.

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