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A User Guide to Utilizing Speech to Text for Your Dictation Needs

Hello, my name is Emil, and I started this website to share my journey with Speech to Text software and help other people who have dictation needs.

For me, I use dictation heavily for my job, so it was a professional necessity that I find a Speech to Text software that was suitable for my needs.

But after I started becoming accustomed to using Speech to Text, I began integrating it into all aspects of my life. I started dictating:

  • Personal emails and text messages on my smartphone
  • Transcripts of personal documents that I didn’t want to lose
  • A variety of other programs and applications, including note-taking

At this point, I can’t stop using Speech to Text software!

Why I Started This Website

Using Speech to Text software improves my time efficiency, improves my productivity at my job, and makes me feel like a tech wizard. I want to share my experiences with other people who might also benefit from Speech to Text software, and to help give them tips that I learned the hard way.

If you are interested in Speech to Text, I encourage you to read what I have posted on this website. If you have any specific questions, please email me at

(Oh and just so you know, all of the text you have just read was dictated using a Speech to Text software called LilySpeech!)

LilySpeech: A Newcomer in Speech to Text

I recently found out about a new Speech to Text software that I would like to share with my readers! It is called LilySpeech.

As I have written about before, I started using Speech to Text software on my Android smartphone, which utilizes Google’s Speech to Text converter. However, there had not been a good way to use this same technology in a PC environment.

Google Docs had a plug-in where you could dictate into a document for free, and that was very helpful. But I wanted the same level of use that I had become accustomed to on my smartphone, where you could click the dictate button any time you had the keyboard window up. (This allowed me not to type with my big fingers on that tiny smartphone keyboard!)

LilySpeech claims to be the first program to put Google’s Speech to Text engine into a fully-integrated PC software, so naturally I was excited to try it.

Having been burned spending a lot of money for dictation services before, I wasn’t too keen on spending money just to try out an unproven newcomer. However, lucky for me the company offers a 30-day free trial, so I could test out the software free of charge.

So far so good! My experience with LilySpeech has been very positive. As an Android user, the accuracy and speed of the dictation is the same, and it even has some of the same little “personality traits,” as both are running Google’s Speech to Text converter.

Being able to specify custom words has been very nice, especially for correcting some of Google’s regular spelling mistakes. Instead of speaking one of my friend’s names and having to correct it every single time on my smartphone, LilySpeech corrects it for me automatically, which is nice.

I haven’t yet found a use for the “canned answers” feature of LilySpeech, but I don’t really have many things that I have to type out over and over again.

I am excited to try out LilySpeech for transcribing my longer audio files for work. If that works, then it’s very possible I will pay the $2.49 per month and keep using the service!

I will certainly let me readers know how it turns out.

Smartphone Speech to Text Software

When I first became interested in using a Speech to Text software to transcribe some audio files for my work, there was not much out there in terms of PC Speech to Text software. I knew about Dragon Naturally Speaking, but at that time I wasn’t willing to invest the money.

But then, completely by accident, I became aware of the fact that I actually had a Speech to Text software built into my smartphone.

I am an Android user, and at the time I had a Samsung Galaxy S4. One day, while typing, I accidentally pressed the dictation button, and then spoke out-loud, saying “Oh no,” or something like that. The words I said actually appeared in my text box! It was quite a pleasant surprise.

I then tried dictating to me smartphone on purpose, and pretty soon I was hooked.

But when I tried to transfer what I liked so much about smartphone dictation over to my computer, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t really many quality software available. My Windows PC came with a built-in speech recognition software, which was exciting at first, but I quickly realized that there was no comparison between the Windows Speech to Text software and the one on my smartphone.

So I did some digging into what software my smartphone was actually running, and whether I could find it for my PC.

As it turns out, Android devices run a Speech to Text engine that was designed and implemented by Google. That’s why in a lot of their applications, when you press the dictation button a little Google “G” pops up on the screen. Apple devices have Siri, which is its own company that was purchased by Apple. Siri runs a Speech to Text engine called Dragon, which is owned by a company called Nuance.

Dragon had been the market leader in PC dictation for a long time, so at the time Apple was betting on the winning horse. However, once Siri and Google Speech to Text were both released, it became clear that Google’s Speech to Text engine was far superior.

The biggest upgrades Google makes on Siri are in speed and accuracy. Google is much closer to real-time dictation, with individuals not being required to slow down the pace of their speech at all.

Google is also more accurate. This is because Google optimized their Speech to Text tech for a smartphone environment, which has a lot of background noise. The biggest strides Google’s tech make are in its ability to screen out background noise and catch only the words that you say.

Recently, with the new Windows phone, there is also a third option for smartphone dictation called Cortana. However, as with their PC software, Windows’ tech is not as good as the competition.

For me and all people who are interested in Speech to Text software, having such a fierce competition in the smartphone market for quality Speech to Text applications has been a great help, providing a lot of high quality options that are included on the smartphone for no extra charge, and fully integrated into the smartphone environment.

If you have a smartphone, check it out and see if you too have a Speech to Text software waiting to be used!

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